Afford This!

When you're weighing the financial implications of seeking a college degree, consider the fact that Warren Wilson College is recognized for its affordability.

We're proud! "Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015" named us one of the nation's 20 "Best Buys" among private colleges and universities nine times since 2005. We've also been on "Barron's Best Buys in College Education" list.

What can we do for you?
  • Your academic profile may qualify you for a merit scholarship.
  • All resident students earn $3,480 each year by working on campus.
  • Financial aid includes needs-based grants, federal and state aid, and student loans.

Try Everything Once

If you want to try something new at college, Warren Wilson is the place. Our campus has all the typical student activities. However, our calendar also boasts events such as art festivals and acupuncture, Zen swim, or a workshop on Zapatismo politics.

Check out this sampling of campus events:
  • Aerial acrobatics, belly-dancing, bluegrass music, Frisbee, swing dancing, unicycling, Bubble soccer, banjo making, roller blade dancing, women's hiking nights, Contra dancing, soap making, black smith workshops, Super Smash Brothers tournaments and more.
  • Campus-wide game of Assassins, raising money for affordable housing.
  • Unchurch for open-ended discussions of beliefs, theology and ethics.

Ask not what you will do when you are here, but rather how will you find the time to try it all.

Green Looks Good on You

At Warren Wilson College, we're committed to saving the planet and everyone can make a difference. Our TRIAD of academics, work and service encourages you to engage in community problem solving.

Our school's even been called a "living laboratory" of sustainability. That's because we go beyond recycling cans and cardboard boxes. Our commitment to sustainability includes:
  • 700-acre forest & 300-acre working farm
  • Farm-to-table cafeteria with 20% of the food used grown in on-campus, organic gardens
  • A wholly student-run, always vegetarian, mostly vegan café
  • LEED-certified, solar-powered campus buildings and student housing
  • Alternative building practices utilizing recycled materials

Our efforts have been noticed. We've been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation and Sierra magazine for our sustainability.

Get Ready!

Grab Your Gear. Let's Go!

Colleges love to show you the picture of the student playing Frisbee on the pristine lawn, right? Well, we can show you that and so much more.

On-Campus Adventures

Want to get lost in the woods? We have 25 miles of hiking trails and a river that criss-crosses the campus. We also boast 700 acres of forested land.

Ready to scale new heights? Try our indoor rock-climbing wall, alpine tower or skateboard ramps.

Off-Campus Adventures

Our Outdoor Programs are organized and facilitated by student trip leaders. You can backpack, camp, hike, canoe, kayak, raft, snowboard, ski, boulder, spelunk, rock climb, or cycle. We try to think of everything.

You can even earn credit for classes in canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, orienteering, outdoor recreation and winter camping. Our Outdoor Leadership degree is one of the first in the nation.

If you want to organize your own adventure, you can rent the gear here on campus.

Your Contribution Matters

You're probably not someone who coasts through life. That's why you're going to love it here. Our campus-wide work program lets you make a real contribution to your campus community. There are more than 100 work crews, and as a residential student you will earn $3,480 to offset tuition costs.

Warren Wilson College Work Program

Learning that Lasts

With 45+ areas of academic study to choose from, you're sure to find a major that suits you. We make sure you can pursue your personal passions in the classroom. Our integrative studies majors are allowed to design their own course of study from two to three interest areas.

With excellent faculty leading our small classes (12-1 ratio), you're given a solid grounding in all aspects of liberal arts. Warren Wilson students learn by doing and caring, while they prepare to make a positive impact in the world after graduation.

The Difference for People Who Want to Make a Difference

Learning at Warren Wilson is unlike anything else in higher education. Our educational program brings academics, work and service together into a holistic experience. Demanding courses, an engaging work program and meaningful service are grounded in a community deeply committed to sustainability. You'll leave here with knowledge and skills, with confidence, and with a passion to do something for the world.

"I got complex layers of both practical and inspiring experiences that prepared me for my professional and personal life in ways that no other college possibly could." — Melissa Ray Davis '02.

  • Study with professors who graduated from top U.S. universities when you select one of our 45+ academic areas — or design your own course of study.
  • Earn $3,480 in credit through your campus work. Students work in over 100 work crews including 3-D Studio, College Press, Multi-Cultural Affairs, Horse Crew, Fire Safety, Recycling/Solid Waste and more.
  • Put your passion into service learning where you can engage locally or globally on issues that matter to you. We have 200+ community partners with whom you can make a difference.

Win with Warren Wilson

The Warren Wilson College OWLS are wise in the ways of winning. Even in our collaborative community there's room for healthy competition. Come hoot for your OWLS.

Men's Sports
Cross Country
Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
Women's Sports
Cross Country
Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
  • Men's Basketball team — USCAA National Champions (2013)
  • Women's Swim team brings multiple best times at ASC Championship (2014)
  • Mountain Biking team ranked #1 in latest DII Conference & 4th in the nation, plus USA Cycling Championship (2014)
  • Canoe/Kayaking teams are two-time national champions in both men's and women's divisions (2013 and 2014)

Our Athletic Center includes a gymnasium, weight-fitness room, six tennis courts, two soccer fields, and an outdoor basketball court. There are also 25 miles of trails, an alpine tower, and we offer paddling and cycling. Bryson Gym, the oldest wooden gymnasium in Western Carolina, is the hub for our Outdoor Activities Program.

Learn by Leading

At Warren Wilson College, students engage in community service through the Community Engagement Commitment, which includes demonstrating involvement with each of 4 Points of Engagement and Growth. This path allows students to engage in service while focusing on the quality and depth of the experience.

  • Self Knowledge: Exploring and clarifying interests, passions, skills and values.
  • Understanding Complex Issues: Examining why a social/environmental issue exists and how service addresses it.
  • Collaboration for Community Impact: Providing significant and substantial engagement with an issue and/or partner agency that involves initiative and communication.
  • Commitment to Community Engagement: Demonstrating a sense of civic responsibility through intentional engagement in the community.

There are many ways to complete the Community Engagement Commitment including participating in weekly service opportunities, service-learning classes, alternative break trips, issue workshops, community based research and independent service work near campus, at home or during study abroad.

Study with a Satisfied Tummy

There's no such thing as boring café food here. Our dining hall uses ingredients fresh from the campus garden and farm. It serves up organic and fair trade products. The student-run Cowpie Café features creative and innovative vegetarian and vegan entrées prepared with local and organic ingredients.

Asheville is a yummy place to eat, too!
  • Try Indian street food at Chai Pani.
  • The wait is worth it for a taste of time-honored Southern goodness at Tupelo Honey Café.
  • Check out super-star Katie Button's Cúrate, a traditional Spanish tapas bar.
  • Do your tastes run vegan or vegetarian? Try the Laughing Seed Café.
  • Even our alums have local fare at Rosetta's Kitchen and Jacob Sessoms' Table.

With so many great options — you'll soon see why so many students use the free city bus from campus to enjoy Asheville.

Your Mountain Playground

There's not one good reason Money magazine hailed Asheville as one of the "Top 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S." Really, there are too many good reasons to count.

Asheville's events calendar is packed with live music and theatre, film, visual arts, and downtown (just ten minutes from campus) offers so many cool spots to explore.

  • Check out the eclectic mix of work done by 150+ local artists who display their wares in a converted Woolworth's downtown.
  • The Orange Peel has long been one of Rolling Stone's top 5 music venues in the nation.
  • There's a drum circle every Friday downtown — join, dance, or just watch.
  • The LEAF musical festivals bring global artists nearby twice a year.
  • Spend time at the museum, grab a coffee or gelato, and visit one of the city's three outstanding gourmet chocolate shops.
  • Explore the River Arts District where many artists open their studios to visitors.

Come Home to Our Campus

Since 90% of our students live on campus, we have 15 different residence hall options. Some have been built following sustainable practices; others emphasize healthy or cooperative living.

Our EcoDorm has been featured on CNN and in the New York Times. Opened in 2003, it is a pioneering model for energy-efficient building designs and renewable-energy technologies. There's even a garden out front for fresh vegetables you can cook-up in the dorm kitchen.

First-year students will find their home in Sunderland, a brick building on a hill overlooking the main campus, or in one of the three Vining buildings with built-in desks, bureaus and closets.

Whole. Other. Way of Life.

Academics, work, service—these three strands are woven throughout your Warren Wilson experience. Here, you’re learning on multiple levels. Constantly. That means you leave with knowledge, with know-how and knowing you’re able to do more for the world.

Unlike any other college, this is a place where future Fulbright scholars pour concrete for campus building projects and where students are equally at home running rapids on the French Broad River as they are walking the streets of Istanbul.

Warren Wilson is for people who want an active educational and intellectual experience. We’re for people who see learning as a way to be a better human being. And with a deep, proven commitment to sustainability, we’re for people who understand that the life we choose influences everyone and everything.

Amazing Alums

With 45+ areas of study offered here, it's not surprising that our alums go on to do a variety of amazing things.

Here's just a sampling:
  • Skye Rios '12, a chemistry major, has been awarded a coveted Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. He plans to study quantum mechanics and renewable energy at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
  • Brian Teixeira '96, a chemistry major, is now an FBI investigator, bomb tech and SWAT operator.
  • Nathan Ballantine '08, created his own Community Organizing and Leadership major, and later founded an organization focusing on youth empowerment through urban agriculture.
  • Nicole Accordino ‘07, is connecting cultures through farming and food by providing agricultural and entrepreneurial education to limited resource refugee farmers in the Durham area.

"I would not be doing what I am doing now, if I hadn't gone to Warren Wilson College. Warren Wilson helped me to have the confidence to think I could try something like this on my own." — Nathan Ballantine '08

What will you do with your degree from Warren Wilson?

Worldwide Classroom

We think our campus is pretty great, but that doesn't mean you have to do all of your learning here. Going abroad isn't required, but over half of our students take advantage of the opportunity for international study.

What kind of experience might you have?
  • Senior Morgan Williams studied wildlife ecology and conservation in Tanzania and became involved with a rural Maasai community.
  • Visit river-dwelling communities in Brazil's rainforest to explore language acquisition techniques.
  • Explore the historical and social context of German fairy tales in modern Germany.

Have somewhere else in mind? We also have partnerships with schools in China, England, France, Japan, Northern Ireland and more. Our students study all over the world every year... if you can find it on a map, we can get you there.

Look Out World, Here You Come

Internship experiences prepare you for life outside of college. But that doesn't mean they have to be dull. An internship here or abroad can help frame your vision for your life.

Todd Elliot — National Science Foundation

My biological wilderness research internship began with a rickety bush plane to the Amazon rainforest in Guyana. Patamona natives helped move research gear and rations through torrential rainstorms, thick jungle and rivers. Sleeping over footprints of jungle cats and snacking leafcutter ants, my internship culminated as a Wilderness First Responder saving the leg, ultimately the life, of one of the National Science Foundation research team members.

Look Out World, Here You Come

Internship experiences prepare you for life outside of college. But that doesn't mean they have to be dull. An internship here or abroad can help frame your vision for your life.

Alex Guyton — Tom Yawkey Wildlife Preserve

One of the many species the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Preserve protects is the loggerhead sea turtle. Found nests are identified with GPS, DNA and isotope samples. Nests below the tide line are relocated away from vegetation on sloped dunes, replicating exactly, the original nest. We then place a protective screen over the eggs. How rewarding to finally see a baby sea turtle climb to the surface!

Look Out World, Here You Come

Internship experiences prepare you for life outside of college. But that doesn't mean they have to be dull. An internship here or abroad can help frame your vision for your life.

Anya Skibbie — National Climatic Data Center

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) is the repository for climate and weather data for the country and many other parts of the world. Tasks assigned at the NCDC included overhauling all of the educational materials that are sent out to classroom teachers, cataloguing all of the available materials and creating a new education page for their website. During this time I worked on the Center's Bring a Child to Work Day. I coordinated this entire event from food, lesson plans, presenters, materials and registration.

Look Out World, Here You Come

Internship experiences prepare you for life outside of college. But that doesn't mean they have to be dull. An internship here or abroad can help frame your vision for your life.

Amanda Wilson — Teach on the Beach

Teach on the Beach is an educational nonprofit on the southern coast of Ghana, which provides Ghanaian cultural immersion, offers an afterschool program for local children, and funds "Scholars" through secondary school. As an Anthropology major studying cultural sensitivity at Warren Wilson, the other's negative cultural perceptions surprised me. I left with a renewed understanding of why cultural understanding and access to anthropological ideas is important.

Look Out World, Here You Come

Internship experiences prepare you for life outside of college. But that doesn't mean they have to be dull. An internship here or abroad can help frame your vision for your life.

Matthew Chandler — The Wilderness Society

This internship focused my academic endeavors. Every fifteen years, the U.S. Forest Service creates a comprehensive management plan for user groups of our national forests. From analyzing Forest Service roads to forming the Pisgah-Nantahala Plan, from outreach with the N.C. Mountain Treasures Office to environmental policy representation in Washington, D.C., with the Wilderness Society, my major is solidified as Sustainable Forestry with a Forest Management focus.

Warren Wilson College: A Leader in Original Undergraduate Research

Quick quiz: Over the past decade, which N.C. college or university has had the largest number of undergraduate students win grants and prizes for their original research? Despite its relatively small size, Warren Wilson College leads the way – by significant margins.

Read more.

Warren Wilson's Sixth Annual Academic Capstone Carnival

The Academic Capstone Carnival showcases the culminating research projects and internships of our senior class in a conference atmosphere. For two days, the third floor of Jensen, including the lecture hall, is taken over by panels of students from 14 departments demonstrating what they can do when they take over the process of their education.

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